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26 Feb 2018 05:59

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Nathan Macalagay and Rico Pontillas Time now to continue with a documentary we are listening to this week called, Family members of Fathers. It's a story about two fathers who perform at Tim Horton's in Satisfied Valley-Goose Bay. Nathan Macalagay and Rico Pontillas are each from the Philippines. If you liked this short article and you would like to obtain a lot more facts pertaining to visit the Following Website kindly visit the following website our own web page. Like other Filipinos, they are working in Labrador to support their familes back property. But there are sacrifices. In this segment, our John Gaudi finds out just what it was like for Nathan and Rico to leave their visit the following website households behind.is?BtOQ2nMMfD3_bCffzirjCpEYEaD7nC9a-veXm_nsyxg&height=128 Ethel lived alone thereafter, but managed to take pleasure in visits to the family's beach hut in Felixstowe, appropriately named Satisfied Days". My mother frequently visited her in her residence in Levington Road, usually out of duty rather than thanks for her upbringing, due to the fact her memories of childhood and adolescence beneath her care were not altogether satisfied ones.My story: A year ago, Haiti was struck by a 7.-magnitude earthquake that forever changed the lives of not only Haitians, but rescuers and help workers all more than the world. As a member of GlobalMedic's Fast Response Team, I was preparing to deploy to Haiti inside hours of hearing the news. Not realizing what to expect, a team of emergency services workers from about the Greater Toronto Location - such as paramedics, a medical professional and a water engineer - began the extended journey to Haiti.From a group that's trying to increase the lives of girls, to 1 that's The Labrador Friendship Centre has a new Executive Director these days. Born in Satisfied Valley Goose Bay, Jennifer Hefler-Elson began the new position last week. She brings with her some 25 years of management knowledge. Jennifer Hefler-Elson joins us in the studio to go over her new part.Designed to safely and securely cocoon folks within their mattress for emergency evacuation. North Yorkshire's coastal residents were also warned to be ready for large tidal surges on Friday afternoon. Tourists and regional residents had been being asked to stay away from walking on coastal paths and promenades with large waves anticipated to crash into land at about 4pm.Keep your vehicle fueled if evacuation appears most likely. Gas stations could be closed in the course of an emergency, out of fuel or unable to pump gas in the course of power outages. Check your oil and other fluids, tire pressure, spare tire, jack and other tools. is?r_lyNNSPuVVZC3MFI6UcmRQolmCpd7oiTbxNYS_fbKs&height=224 A GUNMAN who stormed a Sunday church service and shot 26 individuals dead was booted out of the US Air Force for attacking his wife and kid. John Lubar, area director for DFO in western Newfoundland and southern Labrador, told CBC Radio's Corner Brook Morning Show a couple of tips about staying secure while out on the water.Elsewhere, the power had gone out, although the coastal town of Caibarién was under many feet of water. The post-storm outlook was not encouraging: For one thing, most folks in little coastal communities live in one-story buildings.You could smell the scrumptious meals just before even getting into the building. The Human Recourses, Labour and Employment workplace in Pleased Valley - Goose Bay was the spot to go for an international lunch yesterday. Although it is a little town, Content Valley - Goose Bay has a huge Philippine community and the lunch was a possibility to meet new individuals and share recipes. Labrador Morning's Colleen Connors stopped by to verify it all out.Nathan Macalagay and Rico Pontillas All this week, we will be getting to know a couple of Filipino workers in Content Valley-Goose Bay…two guys some of you might even recognize! Nathan Macalagay and Rico Pontillas work at the Tim Hortons. Like so a lot of Filipinos, they have come to this province in search of a greater life for themselves and their households. But it also means generating sacrifices. The story you're about to hear initially broadcast on CBC's Atlantic Voice this past Sunday… The system airs documentaries and stories made by reporters from across Atantic Canada…. Our personal John Gaudi got to know Nathan and Rico…both fathers….as they are watching their youngsters grow up from afar.Final week the remains of twenty two individuals had been brought back to the north coast of Labrador. The bones were removed in 1927 by archaeologist William Duncan Powerful and brought to the Field Museum in Chicago….exactly where they remained in a storage room for eighty 4 years. It was only not too long ago, in 2008, that the story of what had happened came to light. Jamie Brake had just began his new job as an archaeologist with the Torngasuk Cultural Center in Nain. He has since been doing a lot of investigation about what occurred all these years ago. Cindy Wall reached him in Nain to talk about what he discovered…….Evacuation chairs make moving folks downstairs, and in some cases upstairs, comparatively simple. They come in distinct shapes and sizes with various functions and capabilities. Using an evacuation chair minimises the threat of manual handling and connected injuries, which could occur if the person had been to be physically carried out of the developing.

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